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Product Name£º20inch Gas Freestanding Oven with 4 Burner Stove Cooker with ETL
Item Number£ºNS-FUO01
Description£º20inch Gas Freestanding Oven with 4 Burner Stove Cooker with ETL.
Product Detail

4Burner Gas Stove With 60Liter Free Standing Oven Cooker with ETL
Model number: NS-FUO01

Unitsize:495*586*1000mm                                                                                                                                             1. Stainless steel top plate (304#S/S)
2. Stainless steel finish body (430#S/S)
3. Back splash plate with thermometer
4. Cast iron top racks (2pcs)
5. Four Chinese Sabaf burner set (black enamel cap and aluminum base): 1 rapid, 2 semi-rapid, 1 auxillary
6. Pulse ignition device
7. Stainless steel oven door with tripple glasses with aluminum handle
8. Up and down gas oven burner with thermostat valve control
9. With 60 minutes mechanic timer & Rotisserie
10. One oven tray and two oven chromed racks
11.  Auto sliding drawer with handle
12. Leveling legs
Packing size: 555*660*1010mm
Oven capacity: 60Liter
Certification: C-ETL standard.

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