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Product Name£º2 Burner Gas Grill BBQ
Item Number£ºNS-LB02
Description£º2 Burner Gas Grill BBQ Produt size:1090*570*1050mm foldable model.
Product Detail

2 Burner Gas Grill BBQ

Model number:NS-LB02

Product details:
Product size:1090*570*1050mm
Main burner:
2 PCS Iron with porcelain enamel    2 burner Cooking Area:400*400mm high 800mm  
2 stainless steel burners.
Rated Heat Output Per Mian Burner:10000 BTU/HR (2.9KW )
1. Hood:monolayer.Curved Shape,Spray Sand grain paint the thickness 0.8mm.without Thermometer        
2. Hood Handle:SUS 201 ¦Õ16mm        
3. Body:Spray Sand grain paint. the thickness 0.8mm        
4. Control Panel:SUS 430 the thickness 0.6mm        
5. Two Side Table:foldable side table.Spray Sand grain paint.the thickness 0.8mm        
6. Drip Pan:Spray Sand grain paint,size 540*255mm,the,thickness 0.8mm    
7.knob:Electroplated Plastics         
9.Valve:All Aluminium Valves,  Each Valve Has Ignition Device        
10.Gas Type:Butane / LPG        
11.Support column: square tube. Side25*20mm.the thickness 1mm        
12.bottom board :1 PC Spray Sand grain paint. the thickness 0.8mm        
13.The sheltering cloth:have a nylon fabric in the front        
14.Casters:2 PCS Universal Wheel,  without Brake, 2 PCS Universal Wheel,  with Brake        
15. NOT Including:Regulator + PVC Hose        
Brown Box Packing  
Packing size:765*565*470mm

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