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Product Name£º60*60 Series Freestanding oven
Item Number£ºNS-FO06
Description£º60*60 Series Freestanding oven Product Size : 595*635*835mm
Product Detail

60*60 Series Freestanding oven
Model number:NS-FO06
Product details:

Product Size : 595*635*835mm
1.Stainless steel table top plate
2. White/black Painted body
3.with large adjustment leg
4. Polished brass burner cap (1 big, 2 medium, 1 small)
5. Polished aluminum burner base (1 big, 2 medium, 1 small)
6.Thicken Enamel top grills (2 pcs)
7. With windguard plate
8. Manual ignition device
9. One oven tray and oven oven grill
10.Big window metal door with double glass
Packing Size:615*640*845mm
CKD:500PCS/40HQ  CBU: 171PCS/40HQ


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