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Product Name£ºDouble wall double taps water urn
Item Number£ºNS-WR02
Description£ºDouble Wall Stainless Steel Double Taps Wwater Urn 7Liter to 26liter
Product Detail

Double wall double taps water urn

 1.Inner container is 0.41 mm 304stainless steel Outside layer is 0.38mm 430 stainless steel

2.Lid is 0.4mm 304 stainless fix base is 0.38 mm 430

3.Double taps

4.Heat and keep warm indicator light.

5.Keep warm and dry protection.

6.Cool touch handle.

7.Digital version.


Capacity Power

7L 1500W

8L 1500W

9L 1500W

10L 1500W

15L 2500W

18L 2500W

22L 2500W

 26L 2500W

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