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New Star Electromechanical Co.,Ltd
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New Star Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

New Star Electromechanical Co.,Ltd make some kinds of home appliance.outdoor products.kitchen tools.cooking products

Welcome to contact with us,we will do our best and supply high quality,instant information,good afersales to push your develop your market.

The product include:cooking: gas hobs. range hood.cooktops. ranges-range hood. wall oven. microwaves

Refrigeration: refrigerators. freezer and ice maker.
Clean up:dishwashers.food disposals.

Outdoor:outdoor refrigeration. outdoor cooking. outdoor extras.

Small Appliances and Accessories:air conditioners.
food prcessing: food processor. juicer mixer grinder.mixer grinder. juicer extractor.hand blender/chopper. breakfast maker. coffee maker. electric kettle.
sandwich toaster. pop up toaster.

cooking appliances. oven toaster grills. microwave oven. electric grill. food steamer.rice cooker. hob/cooktop

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